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Healthy Home Sciences is here to provide home owners and residents with some basic information about Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, Radon, Drinking Water and other contaminants that may be found within your home. We provide you an understanding and the resources to conduct testing for these potential contaminants without the cost of hiring an expensive professional.

We provide you the sample collection media, specific procedures, appropriate forms, and return shipping containers and laboratory analysis for Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, Radon and Drinking Water.



Possible asbestos-containing plaster
Possible asbestos-containing plaster

Pipe Insulation

Asbestos Hazards in Your Home

A basic knowledge of the various types of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials, and where the greatest potential for this carcinogen exist within your home is important to understand.

Asbestos comes in numerous forms and was put in many common building materials found within a home. Locating these materials before they get disturbed is key to preventing asbestos fibers from becoming airborne and you breathing them in.


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Lead-Based Paint and Dust Hazards

Lead-based paint is found in many older homes. The hazards associated with disturbing surfaces coated with lead-based paint, lead dust and lead paint chips can contaminate your family and your home. You need to know where lead-based paint was commonly used and how to determine if hazards are present and how to stop hazards from being created.  Lead Paint when disturbed releases lead chips and lead dust into your home. Locating these painted surfaces and hazards before they contaminate you family can be easy.

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Mold Contamination

Molds and or fungi are common in the outdoor environment. When molds get into our homes they become a health hazard to occupants, especially the very young, the elderly, and persons sensitive to molds as well as the immunocompromised. Molds can be found in numerous areas within a home without our knowledge. What and where to look for molds may not be obvious to a homeowner.

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