Molds feeding on wallboard

Molds, being a living organism, if left unabated will proliferate and continue to grow.

Mold behind a refrigerator

Mold growth can occur in hidden areas of your home. This is an example of mold growth hidden behind a refrigerator where it was damp and warm.

Mold on a ceiling

Mold growth can occur on surfaces as a result of the homes relative humidity being too high. The naturally occurring mold spores cling to the surfaces and begin to grow.

Mold in basement

Mold can occur on basement or crawlspace ceilings growing on the upper level floor joists and subfloor. This can be the result of a leak from above or simply due to high basement or crawlspace humidity.

Mold inside walls

Serious health effects of molds can be result from molds hidden inside the walls of your home. If you had a water event, such as flooding, excessive humidity, or a plumbing leak you could have molds growing inside your walls.

Mold inside walls

Mold inside walls can grow without our knowledge and can cause serious health effect to residents.

Mold growth on furniture

When a home is damaged by floods or excessive moisture for a long period of time molds with grow on most surfaces. This extreme example depicts how molds can grow on our porous furnishings. In this case these items cannot be salvaged and must be discarded.


Various types of molds and their mold spores exist naturally in the outdoor environment and cannot be prevented from entering our homes. They are everywhere and are on all surfaces but are essentially in a dormant state. It is when these surfaces, and the molds on them, interact with moisture that they then begin to grow and become a serious problem. Molds feed on building materials, and other surfaces, in our home such as wallboard, ceilings, carpeting, and furniture and within all levels especially basements, crawlspaces and attics.  If left in contact with moisture for any length of time the molds will continue to grow and spread.  It is important to identify mold growth as soon as possible.

There are numerous species of molds, that come in all colors, and grow and feed on different surfaces. Testing for molds is not difficult and can be accomplished by a homeowner.


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